Involve any group using facilitation tools and techniques and build commitment.

Enhance the participation of any team or workgroup and increase productivity. 

Become an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF)

Empower the stakeholders of every group to create, innovate and implement.

Become an ICA Certified ToP Facilitator (CTF)

Transform the capacity and operation of any group.

Transform the structure and sustainability of any organization.

• See ICA’s courses and single method modules.

• ICA’s Group Facilitation Methods course will get you launched.

• See ICA’s Professional Facilitation Program (PFP). IAF endorsed

Includes Group Facilitation Methods, Meetings That Work, Art & Science of Participation.


• See ICA’s ToP Facilitation Essentials Program (TFE).  IAF endorsed

 Includes suite of powerful ToP methods in Group Facilitation Methods, Meetings That Work, Facilitating Client Collaboration and Transformational Strategy.

• See ICA’s Advanced Facilitator program. (AFP)

• See ICA’s Facilitative Leadership Program. (FLP)