Identify and address systemic racism, systemic discrimination and unconscious bias

Prerequisite: None

Diversity Learning Circles inspires all participants to answer this question by presenting an action plan: “What can I immediately do to identify and address systemic racism, systemic discrimination and unconscious bias to build alliances in employment, economic, political, cultural and social institutions?”

The concepts of systemic racism, systemic discrimination and unconscious bias interweave within the broader categories of diversity, inclusion and equity which are foundational to all course material.

Participants will have the opportunity to share stories and broaden the discussion on systemic discrimination in relation to race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, religion, culture and language and how they can intersect.

Implement the action plan from this course to immediately improve the experience of your employees and your clients – strengthen the business case for diversity, inclusion and equity!

What are diversity learning circles?

Diversity Learning Circles are facilitated conversations to advocate for diversity, inclusion and equity in a “circle” of teaching, learning and action. The course facilitator engages the group in a series of focused conversations using adult learning techniques and exercises. The course utilizes ICA’s Technology of Participation (ToP) methodology to facilitate experiential learning.

For directors, facilitators and change agents

This course is for transformational leaders who will gain key insights to make whole system change! Rather than an initiative to fulfill an organizational mandate, your managers and teams can create tailored, realistic and sustainable action plans to increase organizational success. Imagine how valuable this certificate course will be to your organization when all members learn to effectively harness the diversity of people and ideas. Experience how to navigate difficult conversations in a circle of teaching, learning and action!


  • Undergo a transformational image shift and become conscious of your own bias.
  • Learn to facilitate sensitive discussions for institutional change in this circle of teaching, learning and action
  • Decode the complex language of diversity
  • Identify diversity gaps in leadership
  • Recognize systemic power imbalances
  • Nurture cultural safety and cultural humility

Focus group energy on common goals

  • Enable peer learning to create tangible action plans
  • Encourage group creativity
  • Harness total knowledge of participants
  • Build respect and trust in groups
  • Help groups resolve conflict
  • Generate positive interaction

This course respects all participants’ beliefs, values and experiences. The course does not teach online facilitation.

Interactive Experiential Learning

This interactive, experience-based course uses learning techniques and exercises to enable you to implement and manage change and meet future challenges in your institutions.

The scheduled sessions will engage you in interesting and insightful dialogue on vital topics of diversity. Participants will be enabled to take solution based learning to their organizations. We want you to have an engaging and productive time!

Self-directed modules on the ICA learning management system

Do much of this course at your own pace on the ICA learning management system. The system will chart your learning journey. Supportive trainers are available.

Course Details

Materials can be downloaded from the ICA learning management system.

The online sessions look like this:

Wednesday: 9 am - 5 pm ET

Thursday: 9 am - 5 pm ET

Friday: 9 am - 5 pm ET

Price is CAD$1,745 plus applicable tax.

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Date Location Price
Oct 25-27, 2023 Live Online, 9 am Eastern Time $1,745.00