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Transformational Strategy brochure

Pre-Requisite : Group Facilitation Methods or Group Facilitation Method Online *

*Transformational Strategy is part of the ToP Facilitation Essential Program (TFE) Facilitative Leadership Program (FLP) and the Advanced Facilitator Program (AFP)

Maximize innovation, creativity and flexibility of your organization’s strategies by weaving stakeholder perspectives into your long range plans. Diverse input will build commitment and action into the transformation.

This self-paced, self-directed course contains all the theory of the in-person and the online versions. 


The manual is downloadable in this self-directed course.

Theory is expanded through readings and videos of classroom lectures and interaction during in-person courses. These videos remain available for a year.

Templates are included to prepare for real client work. The templates carry key theory within them.


There are videos of instructors using the method in actual classroom case studies. This demonstrates best practice use of the method. These videos remain available for a year.

Stages, steps and procedures of the method is explained in detail.


This self directed course includes examples of products from actual clients as pictures, PDFs or powerpoints, so you know what can be achieved. These are downloadable.


The course includes assignments that help build confidence in your use of the tools and methods. Assignment can be done by yourself, or with a group you convene on your own for enhanced learning.

Your assignments can be uploaded to receive comments from ICA instructors or facilitators. You can contact them for further explanation.


Transformational Strategy is for executives, managers, and consultants who must enhance a group's potential to think and act strategically and empower them to act immediately.

This course demonstrates the power of the Technology of Participation ToP® Participatory Strategic Planning used in thousands of organizations world-wide and is required as a Certified ToP Facilitator.

Participatory strategic planning increases innovation and commitment so that major transformations and smaller projects can be implemented quickly.

Facilitate innovative strategic thinking

  • Engage multiple perspectives in productive dialogue
  • Enable groups to generate creative, well conceived plans

Focus energy and commitment toward positive results

  • Practical action plans with schedules and assignments
  • Expanded responsibility for action, follow through, results and learning
  • Accomplishments that exceed expectations.

Build solid teams that work together

  • Improve communication among members of the group
  • Build solid, lasting consensus
  • Develop common purpose and motivation

Faster more flexible implementation

  • Quicker modification when situations change
  • Groups prepared for immediate implementation

This course will enable you to facilitate strategy planning with any group.

Price is CAD$1,745 plus applicable tax.


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